Gi Group China Toped 7 on the List of 2020 China HRO Ranking (Foreign / Joint Ventures) Once Again!

Recently, Tophr China, a leading third-party media platform for human resources in China, officially released the 2020 China HRO ranking. Among thousands of HRO companies, Gi Group China has once again ranked 7th among foreign/joint venture HRO service companies with its senior industry background, professional business team and good customer service!


Human resource outsourcing (HRO) is an important part of the human resource service industry. In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, HRO services have been increasingly accepted, recognized and used by domestic enterprises. Especially this year, HRO services have played a significant advantage in reducing enterprise employment risks and costs.


Through comprehensive research and analysis of the HRO organizations’ revenue capacity, number of employees, business coverage, operating capacity, brand influence, service reputation, etc., combined with the company’s independently declared data and market insights, after more than a month, Tophr China finally accomplish the selection and ranking. This is also the 6th consecutive year that Tophr China has released the “China HRO Ranking”.


Gi Group China has always been committed to promoting the development of the human resources market and further realizing personal and social values. With its own services, it strives to play a positive role in the industry.

The outsourcing service business line of Gi Group China focuses on providing outsourcing services for business process and business transformation. It has rich cooperation experience in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and takeaway distribution, with business covering East China, South China and North China. Through outsourcing services, Gi has played a significant role in helping companies reduce labor costs, flexibly match business units, enhance corporate internal value, and enhance corporate external competitiveness.


To be on this list again, this is the recognition and support of Gi Group China’s team and service, and it is the driving force of Gi Group China to continue to move forward! Gi Group China will continue to drive and optimize itself, continuously improve service expertise, effectively alleviate social and corporate pressure, and strive to create greater value!



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